For Immediate Release

PowerVT - Advanced VT Emulation Package for Windows

Cazenovia, NY - May 3, 1995 - Dart Communications announces PowerVT - Advanced VT Emulation Package for Windows that brings quality VT220/100/52 emulation to client PCs. The MDI interface provides multiple concurrent sessions on the user’s desktop, utilizing TELNET, modem, and direct connections over network and COM port interfaces.

"Several TCP/IP kernel vendors bundle VT220 applications with their products, but we offer an un-bundled license that runs on any WINSOCK stack," explained Michael Baldwin, President of Dart Communications. "Our product is also unique because multiple connections using both network and COM port interfaces provide the greatest flexibility for our customers," says Baldwin.

PowerVT allows the user to customize and save configuration settings for each session, with options for color scheme, fonts, row size, scroll-back buffer size, key remapping and more. Going beyond simple keyboard remapping, PowerVT also supports arbitrary key programming (hot keys) for most keyboard combinations! Comprehensive support for Auto Print, Printer Controller, print page, and cut and paste is also provided.

Prices start at $69 each and decrease for multiple seats. Corporate Licenses are also available for a minimum of 150 users at $20 per station. The Corporate License option is attractive to large corporations and institutions.

Dart Communications can be reached at 315-339-8040