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Dart Communications Announces PowerTCP OLE Controls for Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0

The PowerTCP Toolkit with OLE Controls provides users of Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 the ability to use Dart’s Industrial TCP/IP Libraries to Generate TCP/IP Network Applications.

Cazenovia, New York - September 12, 1995 - Dart Communications today announced plans to ship PowerTCP OLE Custom Control Toolkits on October 1, 1995. The new toolkits allow developers to quickly incorporate TCP/IP functionality into any application. TCP, FTP, TELNET, SMTP, POP3, SNMP, TFTP, UDP and a VT220 emulator are included in Standard and Specialty Toolkits. PowerTCP takes full advantage of OLE Custom Control functionality which is featured in many Microsoft® Development platforms including Microsoft Visual Basic® 4.0 and other Microsoft Office Development Products.

"We expect Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 to ride the wave that developers jumped on with Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0. Our VBX Toolkit is very popular, and with OLE Custom Controls supported by Visual Basic 4.0, we know our OLE Controls will be a complete solution for users of Microsoft development products," says Michael Baldwin, President of Dart Communications. "With Dart’s controls, application developers will see shortened development times when building TCP/IP applications. PowerTCP provides a ‘Quick-to-Market’ solution for our customers."

Dart’s development staff re-engineered the application interface of their current VBX to take advantage of the power offered by the OLE technology. A combination of ‘methods’ and ‘properties’ now exist where only ‘properties’ existed in the VBX. The new design incorporates years of customer feedback and was designed with the application programmer in mind.

"PowerTCP, along with our flexible licensing program, offers customers unmatched licensing and development options," says Allison Smith, Sales Manager at Dart. "We have positioned our products and licenses to service small business needs as well as large corporations and software development companies that need fixed-fee licensing. The PowerTCP OLE Controls provide our customers with even more development options."

PowerTCP OLE Controls will be available October 1, 1995. The PowerTCP Standard Toolkit with OLE Controls(TCP,TELNET,FTP,SMTP,POP3,VT220) and the PowerTCP Specialty Toolkit with OLE Controls(UDP,SNMP,TFTP) will sell for $598 each. Several runtime licensing options are available.

Dart Communications specializes in developing toolkits for the TCP/IP network programming environment. Any questions should be directed to Dart’s Sales Department. They can be reached at 315-339-8040

OLE Controls Featured in the PowerTCP Toolkits

TCP Control

  • Provides TCP Client and Server functionality.
  • Asynchronous events available for receiving Data and Exceptions.

FTP Control

  • Provides FTP Client functionality.
  • Manual and Auto Spooling for Retrieve and Store Commands.
  • Asynchronous events for receiving Data, Exceptions, and FTP server Replies.

Telnet Control

  • Provides Telnet Client and Server functionality.
  • Manual and Automatic Option Negotiation available.
  • Asynchronous events for receiving Data, Exceptions, and Replies.

SMTP Control

  • Provides SMTP Client functionality.
    MIME protocol implemented for sending attached files that may contain video, audio, image, or application data. MIME Base64 and UUENCODE Encoding methods supported.
  • Asynchronous events for receiving SMTP Server Replies and Exceptions.

POP3 Control

  • Provides POP3 Client functionality.
  • All POP3 commands, both standard and extended, have been implemented.
  • Automatic or manual buffering of encoded attached files implemented (MIME Base64,UUENCODE).
  • Asynchronous events for Receiving Mail and associated Attachments.

VT220 Control

  • Provides DEC VT220/100/52 emulation.
  • "Screen Scraping" supported.
  • Scroll buffer completely configurable.
  • Asynchronous events for KeyPress and MouseClick events.

UDP Control

  • Provides UDP functionality.
  • Asynchronous events for sending and receiving data.

SNMP Control

  • Provides Manager and Agent capabilities.
  • Easy to use interface to manage network data information.
  • Asynchronous events for receiving Data.

TFTP Control

  • Provides Client and Server functionality.
  • Asynchronous notification of events.