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Dart Communications Announces PowerTCP PowerBuilder Toolkits
PowerTCP Toolkits for PowerBuilder provide PowerBuilder developers with access to the Internet.

Software Development '95 East, Washington, D.C. - October 3, 1995 - Dart Communications today announced plans to ship PowerTCP PowerBuilder Toolkits on October 16, 1995. The new toolkits allow developers to quickly incorporate TCP/IP functionality into PowerBuilder applications. TCP, FTP, TELNET, SMTP, POP3 (with full MIME and UUENCODE support), SNMP, TFTP, UDP and a VT220 emulator are included in Standard and Specialty Toolkits. Numerous PowerBuilder samples make it easy to add TCP/IP functionality to any PowerBuilder application.

"The large PowerBuilder development community can now manipulate corporate data and use TCP/IP services for delivery," says Michael Baldwin, President of Dart Communications. "Dart brings TCP/IP protocols to the PowerBuilder environment so developers can take advantage of local and global data communications. PowerTCP integrates PowerBuilder and the Internet."

Dart’s development staff uses their unique level 1 VBXs to interface to PowerBuilder. Next year, when PowerBuilder is ready to support OCXs, Dart will upgrade the toolkit to include their OLE controls.

"PowerTCP, with our flexible licensing program, offers customers unmatched licensing and development options," says Allison Smith, Sales Manager at Dart. "We have positioned our products and licenses to service small business needs as well as large corporations and software development companies that need fixed-fee licensing."

PowerBuilder Toolkits will be available October 16, 1995. The PowerTCP Standard Toolkit for PowerBuilder (TCP,TELNET,FTP,SMTP,POP3,VT220) and the PowerTCP Specialty Toolkit for PowerBuilder (UDP,SNMP,TFTP) will sell for $598 each. Several runtime licensing options are available.

Dart Communications specializes in development toolkits for the TCP/IP network programming environment. Any questions should be directed to Dart’s Sales Department. They can be reached at 315-339-8040