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Dart Communications Announces Royalty-Free PowerTCP Toolkits
PowerTCP Toolkits Provide Royalty-Free Internet Components

Cazenovia, NY - January 1, 1996 - Dart Communications today announced that Version 2.0 of their PowerTCP Internet Development Toolkits will include royalty-free distribution licenses. Runtime licensing will still be available for VARs and ISVs with stricter support requirements, but this new license will enable a new class of TCP/IP application that can be quickly manufactured and put to use at very low cost.

"We are responding to potential customers who want to distribute their networked applications without additional fees," said Michael Baldwin, President of Dart Communications. "We believe our new policies will encourage a flood of new network application development at the shareware and freeware level, as well as making in-house distribution easier on the department budget."

PowerTCP Toolkits are unique in the industry because all protocol libraries (TCP, TELNET, FTP, SMTP, POP3, UDP, TFTP and SNMP) are provided as 16 and 32 bit C++ Class Libraries, DLLs, VBXs and OCXs. C/C++ compilers, Visual Basic, Delphi and PowerBuilder development environments are supported with Toolkits that include numerous sample applications that compile and run within these environments.

"PowerTCP, with the new licensing options available in version 2.0, now offers realistic options to the small developer who wants to try to build that ‘killer app’ and distribute it across the Internet," says Allison Smith, Sales Manager at Dart. "Now any programmer with a good idea can attempt to create a market by giving away their application. Think about it."

PowerTCP Version 2.0 will be available January 15, 1996. [Please see a sales representative for pricing information.] Dart Communications specializes in development toolkits for building TCP/IP applications. Any questions should be directed to the contact below:

CONTACT: Dart’s Sales Department, 315-339-8040.