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Dart Communications Announces Support for Microsoft's ActiveX Technologies

PowerTCP OLE Controls to be Internet Enhanced; Anticipates VBScript Impact

Cazenovia, NY - March 12, 1996 - Dart Communications today announced plans to support the Microsoft ActiveX technologies in the third quarter of 1996. PowerTCP Internet-enhanced ActiveX controls will allow developers to add additional Internet protocols to their web page applications and automate that functionality with Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition. Combined with forthcoming security initiatives such as Microsoft's digital signing, this will make PowerTCP OLE Controls primed for strong Internet application acceptance.

"Dart has always been committed to providing Internet components for the Windows development community," says Michael Baldwin, President. "It is very satisfying to see Microsoft embrace our technology focus, and for us to participate as a supplier of Internet protocol components that help developers deliver Internet applications."

PowerTCP Internet-enhanced ActiveX controls are available for the following Internet protocols: TCP, TELNET, FTP, SMTP, POP3, UDP, TFTP, and SNMP. A VT220 emulation component is also provided. By writing VBScript applications with PowerTCP Internet-enhanced ActiveX controls, developers will be able to publish their communications application on any Internet or Intranet web site, solving their software distribution problem.

"Dart Communications recognizes that their current market of 4.5 million ActiveX enabled developers just got bigger," said Cornelius Willis, Microsoft Internet Platform and Tools Division Group Product Manager. "The combination of VBScript used to tie together various ActiveX Controls on a true web page application opens up literally the entire universe of developers for their components – and they’re Internet developers who already know the language and the technology."

PowerTCP Internet-enhanced ActiveX Toolkits sell for $598.
[NOTE: Please contact Dart Communications Sales for current pricing information.]

Dart Communications specializes in developing toolkits for the TCP/IP network programming environment. Any questions should be directed towards Dart’s Sales Department. They can be reached at 315-339-8040. Additional information is available at

OLE Controls Featured in the PowerTCP Toolkits

TCP Control

  • Provides TCP Client and Server functionality.
  • Asynchronous events available for receiving Data and Exceptions.

FTP Control

  • Provides FTP Client functionality.
  • Manual and Auto Spooling for Retrieve and Store Commands.
  • Asynchronous events for receiving Data, Exceptions, and FTP server Replies.

Telnet Control

  • Provides Telnet Client and Server functionality.
  • Manual and Automatic Option Negotiation available.
  • Asynchronous events for receiving Data, Exceptions, and Replies.

SMTP Control

  • Provides SMTP Client functionality.
    MIME protocol implemented for sending attached files that may contain video, audio, image, or application data. MIME Base64 and UUENCODE Encoding methods supported.
  • Asynchronous events for receiving SMTP Server Replies and Exceptions.

POP3 Control

  • Provides POP3 Client functionality.
  • All POP3 commands, both standard and extended, have been implemented.
  • Automatic or manual buffering of encoded attached files implemented (MIME Base64,UUENCODE).
  • Asynchronous events for Receiving Mail and associated Attachments.

VT220 Control

  • Provides DEC VT220/100/52 emulation.
  • "Screen Scraping" supported.
  • Scroll buffer completely configurable.
  • Asynchronous events for KeyPress and MouseClick events.

UDP Control

  • Provides UDP functionality.
  • Asynchronous events for sending and receiving data.

SNMP Control

  • Provides Manager and Agent capabilities.
  • Easy to use interface to manage network data information.
  • Asynchronous events for receiving Data.

TFTP Control

  • Provides Client and Server functionality.
  • Asynchronous notification of events.