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Dart Communications Announces New PowerTCP Web Add-on for VB 5.0
PowerTCP ActiveX Controls Support Use of Internet Protocols Directly from the Browser

Syracuse, N.Y. - October 1, 1997 - Dart Communications introduces the PowerTCP Web Add-on for Visual Basic 5.0. Included samples and documentation support the development of ActiveX controls for custom networking applications without writing protocol and socket library code-and publish it on any Web server for use across the Enterprise! Protocols include FTP, TELNET, TCP, SMTP, POP3, UDP, TFTP, SNMP, VT320 emulation, REXEC, RLOGIN, RSHELL, WHOIS, TIME and FINGER.

By using this kit with Visual Basic 5.0, developers can develop and debug browser-ready Web applications in a few simple steps. Dart's licensing is not dependent upon LPK files, so deployed applications can operate with both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator with an ActiveX plug-in.

For example, Dart's FTP Web Application sample supports both uploading and downloading of files-browsers can normally only download files. This allows remote users to grab the latest version of a file via the web browser, or transfer new information to a remote host without relying on a stand-alone FTP application. Since Internet Explorer is a standard part of the Windows operating system, any Windows95 or WindowsNT user can utilize custom Intranet applications available at the company Web site!

"PowerTCP has simplified the development of TCP/IP applications for thousands of developers," says Michael Baldwin, President of Dart Communications. "Now that the Web can deliver applications using our TCP/IP ActiveX controls, developers are no longer constrained by the limitations of HTTP. ActiveX technology makes the distribution of networked applications easier than ever."

Dart's Web controls will be sold as an add-on to the PowerTCP Internet Toolkit for Visual Basic and pricing will be announced fourth quarter. All PowerTCP toolkits include Royalty-Free licensing with OEM licensing available for ISVs. ActiveX Web samples can be viewed from Dart's web site at

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