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Dart Announces Support for Borland C++Builder
Harness the Internet with the PowerTCP Internet Toolkit for C++Builder!

Press Contact: Julie Martin
  315-339-8040 ext. 19

Syracuse, NY - June 5, 1998 - PowerTCP, a leader in Internet development tools, now supports more 16 and 32-bit programming environments than any other Internet Toolkit with new support for Borland C++Builder 3. Dart's focus on Borland C++Builder satisfies the latest evolution of C++ programmers who need easy-to-use protocol components for Internet application development. PowerTCP components allow Borland C++ developers to produce a sophisticated TCP/IP application prototype in a matter of days instead of weeks.

PowerTCP for C++Builder includes 32-bit class libraries for FTP, TELNET, TCP, SMTP, HTTP, POP3, UDP, TFTP, SNMP and VT320 emulation. Toolkits include Borland C++Builder template applications with source code that allow developers to immediately create TCP/IP applications without writing protocol and socket library code.

"Dart's development staff was impressed with the elegance of the C++Builder product, and how we were able to reduce the code size of our template applications by 50%," says Michael Baldwin, CEO of Dart. "We would recommend this RAD environment to any of our users."

With over 50 new and significant features, Borland C++Builder improves on the best aspects of traditional C++ tools with faster compilation; the latest C++ features, increased code performance, and better debugging. C++Builder 3 takes the best features of "Visual" tools and improves them with a solid enterprise-oriented architecture, powerful database tools, a wealth of prebuilt components, and total control over all aspects of the application.

"PowerTCP's class libraries provide a high performance, object-oriented interface to numerous TCP/IP protocols," says Zack Urlocker, Vice-President of Marketing at Inprise Corp. "In addition, the toolkit's sample applications translate into a terrific time-saver for C++ Builder developers building Internet applications."

The PowerTCP Internet Toolkit for C++Builder includes royalty-free licensing for most non-commercial applications with OEM and end-user licensing available. A free trial version is available at

CONTACT: Dart’s Sales Department, 315-339-8040.