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Dart Announces New PowerTCP™ Professional Edition
The Most Development Options Available in One Internet Toolkit!

Syracuse, NY - November 13, 1998 - Dart Communications, the premier supplier of Internet protocol components, introduces its new PowerTCP Professional Edition as the most complete Internet toolkit available today. PowerTCP Professional Edition was created with the serious corporate developer and ISV in mind with support for more development environments and more samples than any other Internet toolkit vendor.

PowerTCP Pro includes 16 and 32-bit controls, libraries, DLLs, and VBXs plus sample applications for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Borland C++, Delphi, C++Builder, and PowerBuilder. PowerTCP Pro's greatest value lies in the fact that Dart has maintained current pricing. Developers pay the standard toolkit price but will receive 6 fully functional Internet toolkits in one CD distribution. You can now prototype your app in VB and finish the code in C++ -- without buying additional tools!

PowerTCP Pro is an incredible value and includes the following components: TCP, TELNET, FTP, SMTP, POP3, UDP, SNMP, TFTP, VT320 emulation and HTTP. Additionally the VB toolkit includes source code for additional ActiveX controls for REXEC, RSHELL, RLOGIN, TIME, WHOIS and FINGER. Sophisticated sample applications with source code for each development environment demonstrate the use of the controls in working applications.

"PowerTCP Pro provides a huge customer benefit with one package, one vendor, and one support channel for their Internet development needs," says Michael Baldwin, president of Dart Communications. "PowerTCP provides everything a developer needs to build high performance Internet apps in a fraction of the time it would take any development team."

PowerTCP Pro is version 4.1 of Dart's successful PowerTCP Internet toolkit line and includes additional enhancements such as apartment model threading and the capability to dynamically instantiate the controls without placing them on a form. The controls can then be used in non-blocking mode with events. These formless controls were used to build all new FTP and SMTP server samples included in the Professional Edition. Both samples include customizable VB source code for instant use.

Dart's business strategy begins with customer-driven development of powerful, technically superior tools and follows through with customer-focused marketing and sales execution. Dart's mutual value proposition promotes long-term success by helping customers leverage their core competency through multiple levels of partnering relationships.

Dart is committed to its customers - the developers of Internet software worldwide and will continue to be a "how to" resource with development of new client-server and web-based applications. As the market for Internet Toolkits matures, Dart will continue to set the standard for Internet-related programming object models.

Free trial versions of PowerTCPare available on the website. Contact Dart Communications: 1109 Floyd Ave., Rome, NY 13440. Tel: 315-339-8040; Fax: 315-339-8041