For Immediate Release
Dart Announces New PowerTCPTM  Tools
World Renowned Internet Toolkit is Now Available as Separate Tools!

Syracuse, NY - May, 10, 1999 - PowerTCP, Dart's acclaimed Internet toolkit for building TCP/IP applications, has been unbundled and re-engineered as the new PowerTCP Tool product line. Responding to customer demand for affordable, individually packaged, royalty-free, ActiveX components, Dart introduces all new PowerTCP Tools including the FTP Tool, Winsock Tool, Telnet Tool, Emulation Tool, and Server Tool. Dart's Web Tool will be released later this month and the Mail Tool and PowerSNMP for ActiveX will follow later this summer.

PowerTCP Tools allow software developers to write Internet applications in a fraction of the time it would take to construct networking code from scratch. 32-bit ATL controls for TCP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, RAS, Telnet, SNMP, VT320, UDP, Server and HTTP/S eliminate the need for researching, developing and testing at the socket level. Included samples for Visual Basic®, Visual C++®, C++BuilderE DelphiE and PowerBuilder® allow developers to write high performance Internet apps right out of the box.

"PowerTCP's new Programming Object Model makes our tools incredibly easy to use," says Michael Baldwin, president of Dart Communications. "For example, a developer using our FTP Tool only needs 1 line of code to retrieve a file - it just doesn't get any simpler than that!"

"Dart's new PowerTCP Tools take advantage of the significant benefits of COM and ATL architecture," said Morris Beton, General Manager of Developer Relations and Platform Marketing at Microsoft Corp. "PowerTCP's ATL backbone means easy maintenance and trouble-free deployment due to fewer file dependencies in a developer's finished application."

Additional benefits of new PowerTCP Tools include a modular, multi-tier architecture for flexibility in application design, Winsock 2 compatibility, and the addition of blocking behavior for scripting applications.

New PowerTCP Tool pricing starts at US $99. Free trial versions are available on the website. Contact Dart Communications: Tel: 315-790-5456