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Dart Releases PowerTCPTM Tools for SNMP and Mail

Dart does it again with full SNMP v1 and v2 support and a new easy-to-use Mail Tool!

Syracuse, N.Y. - July 1, 1999 - Dart Communications, the leading provider of Internet Components for developers, has added PowerSNMP for ActiveX and a Mail Tool to its new PowerTCP Tool product line. Dart’s advanced object model puts the simple back into the Simple Network Management Protocol. The Mail Tool is just as powerful using controls for SMTP and POP3, and a message object that provides all of the building blocks needed for creating advanced Internet Mail applications.

PowerSNMP for ActiveX supports SNMP version 1 and 2, Agent and Manager drop-in controls, MIB support, and trap support for complete control over protocol features. At the heart of this tool lies the SNMP Message Object that converts SNMP messages into objects that your program can easily manipulate.

The Mail Tool provides mail protocol support with an SMTP and POP3 control, and shines with a unique Mail Message Object that is used for all encoding and decoding tasks. Mail is exposed as objects that provide the ultimate in representation and flexibility.

“The SNMP and Mail Tools highlight the power of the object model,Esays Michael Baldwin, CEO of Dart Communications. “The decoded version of any message is exposed as an object that can be encoded on demand. This is a powerful application of the Component Object Model to Internet Application developmentE

PowerTCP tools let software developers write Internet applications in a fraction of the time it would take to construct networking code from scratch. 32-bit Active X (ATL) controls eliminate the need for researching, developing and testing at the socket level. Included samples for Visual Basic®, Visual C++®, C++BuilderE DelphiE and PowerBuilder® allow developers to write high performance Internet apps right out of the box.

Introductory Pricing for PowerSNMP for ActiveX is $999 and $399 for the Mail Tool.

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