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Bunka Orient Corporation and Dart Communications Announce Strategic Alliance
A Global Vision Unites Two Companies That Are Worlds Apart

Syracuse, NY - November 29, 1999 - Dart Communications and Bunka Orient Corporation of Japan have formed a strategic alliance that will broaden the global market for Dart’s highly acclaimed PowerTCP Internet Application Development Tools. Dart specializes in Internet protocols and formatting standards, providing their expertise to customers as development tools, consulting services and support.

Bunka Orient Corporation is the market leader for component software sales in Japan. Bunka’s decision to localize PowerTCP Tools is attributed to Dart’s market leadership and reputation for innovative, high-quality products. PowerTCP enables the rapid development of Internet applications by encapsulating communications within reusable software components.

“Dart’s strong presence in Western markets is encouraging us to think globally,” says Michael Baldwin, President of Dart Communications. “International markets will fuel our growth and enhance our reputation as the world’s supplier of Internet development tools.”

“The Japanese market is an estimated one million developers, second only to the United States”, says Daniel Fanger, CEO of Bunka Orient Corporation. “A strategic alliance between Dart Communications and Bunka Orient Corporation is mutually beneficial. Our customers get a superior product and Dart gains access to our marketing expertise.”

Bunka will sell PowerTCP under the trademark ‘iNet’ and position it as three separate products: iNetWinsock, iNetMail, and iNetTransfer. The plan to localize PowerTCP to Kanji, combined with Dart’s extensive international distribution channel, optimizes Dart’s strategy to increase global market share.

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