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Dart Communications Announces SOAP For PowerTCP

Fine-tune solutions to interoperate with .NET services from any COM environment.

Rome, N.Y.- June 11, 2001-

Dart Communications, the market leader of Internet Application Development Tools, is pleased to announce SOAP support for its PowerTCP product line. Dart’s WebASP and WebServer controls are now fully compatible with the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit. The advanced object-oriented architecture of Dart’s PowerTCP product line has allowed them to plug into Microsoft’s core SOAP objects and replace the Microsoft HTTP transport protocol implementation with Dart's native objects. SOAP solutions can now be completely portable on the server-side without IIS requirements and super-charged on the client-side with fine-tuned security settings, in-depth debugging support, and support for both synchronous and asynchronous communications. This combination of powerful, high-level, PowerTCP controls and Microsoft's extensive core serialization objects enables the ultimate in SOAP solutions. Developers can fine-tune their solutions to interoperate with .NET services from any COM environment including: Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, and PowerBuilder.

“SOAP is the future of remote object communications, and thus the future of Web Services,” said Michael Baldwin, Dart Communications’ President. “Our components will be ready with not only robust Internet connectivity support, but with extensive data handling to make sure software developers are armed with the complete solution to their development needs.”

Dart’s WebServer Tool version 1.5 allows any application to be turned into a Web Services provider. This latest version will now enable any application to act as a SOAP server and respond to incoming SOAP requests without relying on IIS or another large Web Server implementation. The WebServer Control’s Request and Response objects are fully compatible with Microsoft’s SOAP objects that are available with the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit, allowing portable SOAP solutions to be created in Visual Basic, Visual C++, PowerBuilder, and Delphi. Additionally, the WebEnterprise Tool now includes the Trace method for comprehensive debugging information, enabling users to see all the request and response packets traveling to and from the server; and additional Cookie control for situations where cookies are not desired.

Dart’s WebEnterprise Tool version 1.5 provides client-side SOAP compatibility with the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit. This latest version contains the WebASP control, which completely replaces Microsoft’s HTTP connector enabling concise control over the transport of a user’s SOAP payload. It allows for advanced debugging, fine-tuned security requirements, header flexibility, and the choice of creating a synchronous or asynchronous architectural model in a client-side SOAP solution. The WebEnterprise Tool leverages the power of Microsoft’s SOAP serialization objects and the high-performance WebASP control for the optimum SOAP solution.

The PowerTCP WebServer Tool 1.5 and WebEnterprise Tool 1.5 are available now and list for $499 each. Additional information about these products can be found at Dart Communications’ website.

Look for further SOAP compatibility coming soon in Dart’s other PowerTCP products.

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