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Mail components enhance Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET

Rome, N.Y.- June 25, 2002 -

Dart Communications, a leading provider of Internet Development Components and Services, announced today the release of PowerTCP Mail for .NET. This new addition to Dart’s PowerTCP product line enhances Microsoft’s .NET Framework with native classes that send, receive, compose, edit, encode and decode e-mail messages. PowerTCP Mail for .NET is synergistic with the benefits and features of the Microsoft .NET Framework, providing both ease-of-use and absolute flexibility.

PowerTCP Mail for .NET combines POP and SMTP protocols with Dart’s “MessageStream” technology, which enables the creation and manipulation of basic and complex mail messages without having to learn the complexities of message decoding/encoding. The bi-directional MessageStream class provides a stream interface that decodes and encodes MIME and non-MIME messages. Once decoded, messages can be easily read and manipulated using familiar properties and methods. For authoring, messages are easily created using the same object model. To make complex message creation even easier, high-level functionality enables the creation of HTML mail with only one line of code.

“Dart’s PowerTCP Mail for .NET not only preserves the many features of the current PowerTCP Mail product for ActiveX, but takes advantage of the programming benefits that the .NET Framework brings to the table.” said Alex Gladshtein, Director of Product Development at Dart. “For example, the Pop and Smtp components can be used to transfer messages into/from any stream (not just ours), so messages can be manipulated in their encoded form. Just as powerful, the MessageStream object can be initialized with any stream that contains a mail message (such as .eml files that have been downloaded using Microsoft’s Outlook Express). These features differentiate PowerTCP from our competition.”

PowerTCP Mail for .NET was carefully designed for typical and complex applications. Typically, a program may want to dynamically create a simple HTML mail message with attachments and encode/send it in one easy programming step. A more complex application might encode a template and store it into a memory stream, then dynamically send it to thousands of employee addresses while personalizing the message to each staff member. PowerTCP handles both scenarios without sacrificing ease-of-use for advanced capability.

PowerTCP Mail for.NET is available immediately. Additional information about this product, and a 30-day trial download, can be found at Dart Communications’ website

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