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Comprehensive IMAP added to provide the complete E-Mail solution for Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Rome, N.Y.- January 24, 2003-

Dart Communications, a leading provider of Internet Development Components and Services, announced today the release of PowerTCP Mail for .NET 2.0.

This latest version adds comprehensive IMAP protocol support based on the most recent revision to the IMAP specification in October, 2002. Coupled with POP, SMTP, MIME, and y-encoding capabilities, PowerTCP Mail for .NET 2.0 enhances Windows .NET Framework with native classes that send, receive, compose, edit, encode and decode e-mail messages. PowerTCP Mail for .NET is synergistic with the benefits and features of the Windows .NET Framework, providing both ease-of-use and absolute flexibility.

The addition of the Imap component to PowerTCP Mail for .NET enables software developers to work with a local representation of a remote mail server and access all mailboxes and messages in their native hierarchical state. This unique technology, made possible with the powerful object-oriented capabilities of Windows .NET Framework, allows software developers to easily display the structure of a mail server using a Windows Forms TreeView control. Along with the hierarchical structure is the ability to conduct advanced searches across messages, support for Idle, access to message parts even with bulk transfer operations and 28 Events that assist in simplifying the complex IMAP protocol.

PowerTCP Mail for .NET 2.0 also includes Dart’s “MessageStream” technology, which enables the creation and manipulation of basic and complex mail messages without having to learn the complexities of message decoding/encoding. The bi-directional MessageStream class provides a stream interface that decodes and encodes MIME and non-MIME messages. Once decoded, messages can be easily read and manipulated using familiar properties and methods. For authoring, messages are easily created using the same object model. To make complex message creation even easier, high-level functionality enables the creation of HTML mail with only one line of code.

"The addition of IMAP support to PowerTCP Mail for .NET is the final step in providing the complete e-mail management component solution for developers programming in the Windows .NET Framework.” said Alex Gladshtein, Director of Product Development at Dart. “Normally there is trade-off in complexity when providing absolute flexibility, but the Windows .NET Framework allowed us to deliver all the capabilities without sacrificing ease-of-use."

All components included in PowerTCP Mail for .NET 2.0 are designed for use in standard Windows .NET front-end applications, ASP.NET server applications, and XML Web services. The components are engineered with a multi-threaded architecture for optimum performance and include a design-time testing environment to maximize the RAD capabilities of Visual Studio .NET. Documentation is natively integrated into the Visual Studio IDE and includes comprehensive tutorials in addition to the reference guide.

"Microsoft’s .NET framework incorporates many of the most common features that the majority of applications need for network communications, including email in various flavors." states Don Kiely, independent technology consultant and author, “But let’s face it, as valuable as those features are, they are written for use in generic applications that don’t probe the underlying technologies deeply. When you need more, a product like PowerTCP Mail for .NET lets you take full advantage of the protocols without having to write messy low-level protocol code yourself."

PowerTCP Mail for.NET 2.0 is available immediately. Additional information about this product, and a 30-day trial download, can be found at Dart Communications’ website

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