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Dart Communications announces PowerSNMP for .NET

PowerSNMP for .NET enables Microsoft .NET developers to add Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP version 1, 2, 3) communications directly to .NET applications.

Rome, N.Y.– May 5, 2006 -

Dart Communications, a provider of Internet Application Development Components since 1994, is pleased to announce a new addition to the PowerSNMP product line. This product gives Microsoft .NET developers an unprecedented ability to directly manipulate, send and receive SNMP version 1, 2, 3 packets. Developers can construct custom SNMP Managers, Agents and Trap handlers at a component level without concern for low-level implementation details.

For developers wanting to automate network management functions, PowerSNMP for .NET provides a multi-level object model that substantially reduces the complexity of building enterprise management applications. The Manager and Agent components are easy-to-add networking components for any application that needs to be enterprise-aware. These components use Message classes that aggregate low-level tagged types into strongly typed classes for sending and receiving management information.

“PowerSNMP for .NET builds on lessons learned from our successful ActiveX product,” said Mike Baldwin, Dart’s PowerSNMP product manager. “The new product provides advanced features such as MIB compiling that has never been seen at this price point before.”

Designed for both beginners and expert users, PowerSNMP for .NET provides comprehensive default behavior that can be modified for advanced purposes. Most noteworthy, MIB processing support is extensive. MIB-2 support is provided as intrinsic classes, C# and VB source code can be created from MIB files at design-time for inclusion in your project, and dynamic classes can be compiled from MIB files at run-time.

PowerSNMP for .NET is now available. Additional information can be found on this product at

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