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Dart Communications announces PowerWEB Zoom for ASP.NET

PowerWEB Zoom for ASP.NET allows Microsoft ASP.NET developers to add powerful high resolution image pan and zoom functionality to their web applications without requiring additional plug-ins or special skills.

Rome, N.Y. - July 7, 2006 -

Dart Communications, a provider of Internet Application Development Components since 1994, is pleased to announce a new addition to the PowerWEB product line. This unique product for ASP.NET developers allows them to add interactive features to high-resolution images without the need to develop complex scripts or manually process the source image.

PowerWEB Zoom is ideal for any distributed application where the presentation of high quality, detailed images is required. E-Commerce, real-estate, asset management, and photo albums are just a small sample of applications that can benefit from this tool.

Developed as an ASP.NET server control, PowerWEB Zoom can be quickly and easily integrated into applications by both novice and expert developers. Combined with high-resolution images, the control renders an interactive interface within a browser and manages on-the-fly content delivery between the client and server. Zoom can also be configured for image quality and performance.

“As rich user interfaces are becoming the standard for Internet applications, users are demanding more out of the web sites they work with each day. Ajax-enabled web components such as PowerWEB Zoom are the building blocks of a quality user experience, but require very little from the developer in terms of learning curve,” said John Talarico, Dart’s PowerWEB product manager. “With this exciting new product, interactive image navigation only seen in applications such as Google Maps is now available to any ASP.NET developer.”

PowerWEB Zoom automatically delivers cross-browser compatibility on both Windows and Macintosh platforms, supporting Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, and Safari. Zoom also supports development on .NET Framework versions 1.x and 2.0 with all versions of Visual Studio as well as Visual Web Developer 2005.

PowerWEB Zoom for ASP.NET is now available. Additional information can be found on this product at

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