Add file upload functionality to your ASP.NET app, including real-time progress and server-side streaming.

OpenFileDialog Control

Under most conditions, using the Upload control to open a file dialog is acceptable.  However, your user interface requirements or design may be better suited to a file dialog being presented as the result of other client-side events or actions.  The OpenFileDialog control allows you to create a non-visual control that can trigger a file dialog and be attached to any WebControl on the form by specifying the control (ClientTriggerElement) and the event (ClientTriggerEvent) that will act as a trigger. Features include:

  • Works with UploadManager and ProgressPanel controls but without requiring a visual interface of its own.
  • Can be activated by any client event of another web server control (Button, ImageButton, DropDownList, etc.)
  • No postback required - fully AJAX enabled!
  • Simple drag and drop implementation
  • Complete C#, and VB.NET samples included
  • Integrates with all versions of Visual Studio including Visual Web Developer 2005

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