Add file upload functionality to your ASP.NET app, including real-time progress and server-side streaming.
Product Release History
The following is a list of public releases for all components shipped with PowerWEB File Upload for ASP.NET (Latest Release 2012-10-24)
PowerWEB File Upload for ASP.NET
Current Version:    Released: 2012-10-24
  • Updated for Visual Studio 2012 integration and Windows 8 compatibility.
  • Trial licensing operation updated.
Product fixes in this release:
  • Addressed a globalization issue that prevented correct operation for systems using the following language cultures: Azeri (az), Azeri-Latin (az-Latn), Azeri-Latin-Azerbaijan (az-Latn-AZ), Turkish (tr), Turkish-Turkey (tr-TR)  (TFS31)    Released: 2012-07-12
Product fixes in this release:
  • Fixed a licensing issue with web service applications.
  • Updated the title bar of licensing messages to not indicate a product is in trial when it is licensed.    Released: 2012-07-05
  • Updated trial operation behavior and removed obstacle to using product in .NET Framework 4.5.
  • This version of File Upload is compatible with the latest version of LiveControls (    Released: 2011-12-02
  • New FileSelected event that is raised after files are selected in the browse dialog, when AutoPostback is false. Provides selected filenames server-side.
  • New Timeout property that can be set to ensure the control will not wait infinitely for data from the browser.
  • New UploadFailed event that is raised when the entire upload operation has failed.
  • New ProgressBarLocation property on the ProgressPanel, for customizing the positioning of the progress bar relative to the status labels.
  • Selected files that exceed the specified MaxFileSize now fail immediately, instead of uploading until the limit is reached, in most cases.
  • Licensing has been upgraded to the 4.0 model. There are no longer separate "trial" and "licensed" versions of the dll.
  • New sample integrating File Upload with the PowerTCP SFTP component is now included.
Product fixes in this release:
  • Progress bars will no longer extend past the confinements of the ProgressPanel when the panel's border is configured.  (4387)
  • UploadComplete event now fires after a 0 byte file is uploaded.  (4929)
  • Fixed problem loading an image when its path started with a tilda.  (5269)
  • Fixed issue in IIS7, classic .NET AppPool, where a standard Upload control would result in an exception when used in the same website as the PowerWEB Upload control.  (5346)
  • The control now connects to the correct port when the web server is behind a proxy and is open on a different port than the listening proxy port.  (5502)    Released: 2011-04-15
  • Added VS.NET 2010 versions of the samples and 2010 Integrated Help.
Product fixes in this release:
  • Fixed null reference "doReportFileCount" javascript error that would occur under certain circumstances when using IE9.
  • Fixed issue with location of the Flash files when using the scripts externally.  (5317)    Released: 2010-06-23
Product fixes in this release:
  • CPU usage on the Visual Studio Test Server no longer maxes out and remains maxed out when uploads are cancelled.  (4601)
  • Standard Posts no longer cause a null ref exception in apps hosted on IIS7.  (5254)    Released: 2009-08-05
Product fixes in this release:
  • Addressed a script loading error that was introduced with Internet Explorer 8.    Released: 2009-06-30
Product fixes in this release:
  • In IFrame mode, changing the size of the TextBox or Button no longer causes the file dialog to not appear.  (4927)
  • During a transfer, the file dialog no longer appears for any Upload control on the page, if their buttons are clicked.  (4982, 4969)
  • In Flash mode, setting Enabled to false in design time now disables the file dialog.  (4998)
  • In IFrame mode, the file dialog is no longer supressed when ShowTextBox is false and the Button size is reduced.  (5015)
  • The speed and time remaining indicators no longer show "0" at each minute interval.  (5049)
  • The Upload control is no longer disabled after a failed transfer.  (5073)
  • Uploading files with no extensions no longer raise an error.  (5095)    Released: 2008-11-25
  • The OpenFileDialog control is now obsolete, due to incompatibility issues with Flash 10+.
Product fixes in this release:
  • The FilesInRequest argument of the Progress event is now always accurate.  (4899)
  • Inaccurate "Upload Failed" status is no longer shown when FileExistsBehavior is "Fail" and TempPath is used.  (4903)
  • All files that should be transferred are now uploaded when FileExistsBehavior is "Fail."  (4904)
  • When FileExistsBehavior is "Overwrite" and TempPath and SavePath are set, files are now correctly uploaded to the specified SavePath.  (4905)
  • If multiple transfers are cancelled, the ProgressPanel's "Total File Count" no longer reflects the number of successful uploads.  (4906)
  • The Upload control no longer disappears when a transfer is cancelled in IFrame mode.  (4907)
  • The Context menu is now disabled in IE, preventing pasting into the Upload textbox in IFrame mode.  (4908)
  • The Upload control is now fully compatible with Flash 10+.  (4911)
  • Upload Tooltips now show when UploadType is Flash.  (4925)    Released: 2008-10-24
Product fixes in this release:
  • Version 10 of the Flash plugin no longer permits a file dialog to appear if it is not triggered from a Flash button. Therefore, the Upload control now gracefully switches to IFrame mode if the browser uses Flash version 10.  (4911)    Released: 2008-10-02
  • Added a CallbackManager.Redirect method for redirecting from within a File Upload event. This should be used in place of Response.Redirect, which causes various problems.
  • Added a client-side pwResetUploads() script which can be called to clear selected files when AutoPostback is false.
  • SavePath can now be set to a UNC path.
Product fixes in this release:
  • The file dialog is now shown in Firefox when the browser's text is set to sizes other than the default.  (4727)
  • Unhandled exceptions within File Upload event handlers will now cause the Global Application_Error event to fire.  (4765)
  • Uploads no longer fail in IE when a LinkButton style is used and UploadType is IFrame.  (4770)
  • Fixed the IE Tooltip when UploadType is IFrame (Firefox does not support the Tooltip).  (4772)
  • The browser back button is no longer enabled during a transfer when UploadType IFrame is used.  (4787)
  • Using an Upload control in a GridView no longer causes an exception.  (4799)
  • Progress event FileSize has been changed to EstimatedFileSize to better indicate what the property represents. Estimates have been tweaked for better accuracy.  (4801)
  • Calling Response.Flush during a download no longer causes corrupt data on a site which includes File Upload.  (4812)
  • An upload failure is no longer incorrectly indicated when TempPath is used.  (4855)    Released: 2008-08-28
  • This release corrects an issue introduced with .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1. No other corrections or enhancements are added with this release, and upgrading is unnecessary unless using on a workstation with SP1.    Released: 2008-06-17
Product fixes in this release:
  • OpenFileDialog.ShowDialog method now works.  (4729)
  • UploadManager properties can now be changed in a postback.  (4730, 4733)
  • Upload style properties can now be changed in a postback.  (4731)
  • Specified paths for ProgressPanel images selected by designer dialogs are now correct.  (4734)
  • Uploads now behave correctly when on a page with Validator controls.  (4735)
  • Files selected by the OpenFileDialog are now uploaded during a postback when AutoPostback is false.  (4759)    Released: 2008-05-23
  • Added a RaiseButtonClick property, which indicates whether a button initiating a callback raises its Click event.
Product fixes in this release:
  • Elements updated in callbacks (using the "LiveControlUpdate" attribute) are no longer cleared when the UploadComplete event fires.  (4621)
  • VS.NET Test Server only - Partial files resulting from cancelled uploads are now deleted from the server.  (4698)
  • When the size of the Upload control is increased, the IFrame file dialog is shown regardless of where on the button it is clicked.  (4700)
  • Progress bars no longer extend past the panel in IE7.  (4701)
  • Uploads now commence when the AutoPostBack and ShowTextBox properties are false.  (4702)
  • Long filenames are now truncated to fit inside the confines of the ProgressPanel.  (4705)
  • Fixed a problem where a file was not actually uploaded when a directory was automatically created for it.  (4709)
  • Uploads now occur when a triggering button's UseSubmitBehavior is false.  (4710)
  • The ProgressPanel will no longer show briefly during a Postback in which no upload takes place.  (4714)
  • The SavePath can now be set in a postback.  (4738)
  • When the Upload controls are on a page with the Ajax ScriptManager and a Button is pressed prior to selecting files for uploading, the button's postback is no longer suppressed.  (4744)
  • Error handling was cleaned to address a condition in which a null reference exception masked the actual causal exception.  (4747)    Released: 2008-04-04
  • There are now three options for overwriting and renaming upload files: Overwrite, Rename with specified FileRenamePattern, and Fail.
  • TempPaths and SavePaths are now automatically created if they do not already exist.
Product fixes in this release:
  • The Upload control can now be disabled.  (4483)
  • With UploadType.IFrame, it is no longer possible to browse for files during a transfer.  (4633)
  • Uploads will no longer occur if a Validation control on the page fails.  (4649)
  • PostedFile.ControlID is now set when OpenFileDialogs are used.  (4673)
  • The UploadComplete event now fires when an upload fails.  (4674)
  • If there are two ProgressPanels on a page and one is not visible, a javascript error will no longer occur.  (4675)
  • Uploads now work on Macs when there are spaces in the page's URL.  (4676)
  • Custom ProgressPanel.StatusText error messages now work when the Upload controls are used in a WebUserControl.  (4678)
  • VS.NET 2008 projects now automatically modify the web.config with the File Upload's httpHandler and httpModules.  (4686)
  • The File Upload controls are now rendered correctly in design time in VS.NET 2008.  (4690)
  • Uploads no longer fail on Macs (regression issue).  (4699)    Released: 2008-02-21
  • ProgressPanel labels are now configurable and support multi-byte characters for localization.
Product fixes in this release:
  • Uploads on pages navigated to with URL QueryStrings containing multiple variables now work  (4496)
  • The external scripts option now works without having to change the name of the scripts file  (4501)
  • The Tooltip now appears when hovering over the Browse button  (4536, 4597)
  • Specifying a ButtonImageUrl beginning with "~/" now renders correctly at runtime  (4537)
  • Specifying visibility of ProgressPanel labels in the VS.NET 2005 designer now works  (4571, 4596)
  • Upload control now correctly encodes multibyte characters  (4588)
  • Interrupted, partially transferred files can now be deleted (NOTE: The issue still appears when using the VS.NET test server, but will NOT appear in deployed applications)  (4591)
  • IE no longer shows the "non-secure items" message when the controls are used on a secure page  (4593)
  • When TempPath is set, interrupted files now remain in TempPath with an ".incomplete" extension  (4604)
  • Setting the ProgressPanel's width to 50% no longer turns the control grey  (4605)
  • Clicking the Browse button during a transfer no longer results in a script error when the ButtonType is LinkButton  (4606)
  • Vestigial Refresh method removed from interface  (4607)
  • Flash Open Dialog now resets after selecting a file of size greater than MaxFileSize  (4608)
  • Transfer no longer hangs when MaxFileSize is set greater than or equal to MaxRequestSize  (4609)
  • ProgressPanel font settings are now working correctly  (4625)
  • The browser Back button is no longer enabled when the page containing Upload controls is the initially opened page  (4643)    Released: 2007-10-03
  • This maintenence update includes several minor fixes as well as the addition of a Cancel() method to allow for server-side interruption of uploads within an UploadProgress event.
Product fixes in this release:
  • Setting the Visible property of the Upload control now properly hides the control after PostBack.  (4486)
  • Filenames containing single quotes are now able to be selected and uploaded.  (4489)
  • Users can no longer select files during an upload operation, and setting the Enabled property of the Upload control to false now properly prevents files from being selected.  (4491)
  • Utilizing File Upload with pages containing custom querystring elements no longer fails.  (4496)
  • Corrected issues with utilizing PowerWEB File Upload with external script resources instead of dynamically served resource files.  (4504, 4501)
  • Corrected issues of UploadManager control interfering with server-side PostBack events being raised when an upload is not being processed.  (4514)    Released: 2007-08-29
  • A ControlID property has been added to the UploadProgressEventArgs. This allows developers to determine the control responsible for in-progress uploads within the UploadProgress Event.
Product fixes in this release:
  • If a custom client script onsubmit handler has been assigned to the form, it will now be preserved and executed after file upload operations are complete.  (4343)
  • Corrected problems preventing uploads in Mac Safari when UploadType was set to Flash.  (4431)
  • Corrected the issue causing an incorrect number of completed files to be listed in the UploadComplete event.  (4435)
  • Corrected an issue preventing File Upload controls to be used in conjunction with Telerik controls.  (4438)
  • Corrected a Mac Firefox rendering issue that prevented an Upload control's file dialog from appearing when the TextBox.Width was set larger than the default.  (4440)
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with the ProgressPanel properly updating when a small file (<1KB) is uploaded very quickly.  (4444)
  • Corrected issue with UploadManager interfering with server-side events from firing on TreeView control in ASP.NET 2.0.  (4478)    Released: 2007-07-24
Product fixes in this release:
  • Corrected condition where user is prompted to install Flash plugin even when UploadType is set to IFrame.  (4397)
  • Fixed issue with using UploadManager control on a UserControl.  (4397)
  • Fixed issues with using Upload controls with Master Pages under VS2005.  (4421)    Released: 2007-07-06
  • Dart Communications is proud to announce the release of PowerWEB File Upload for ASP.NET, the latest addition to the PowerWEB line of products!