Replace the HTML TextArea element with an Ajax-enabled HTML-editing textbox.
Product Release History
The following is a list of public releases for all components shipped with PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET (Latest Release 2009-06-05)
PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET
Current Version:    Released: 2009-06-05
Product fixes in this release:
  • The Table menu now appears correctly in Firefox.  (4160)
  • The AutoSaveFrequency property now works like it should.  (4388)
  • Data sent by the page using Response.BinaryWrite is no longer corrupted.  (4541)
  • Multiple instances of the HtmlBox now behave correctly in Firefox.  (4779)
  • The Autosave event now continues to fire after a Postback.  (4805)
  • Items can now be added to the Toolbar after items have been inserted into the Toolbar.  (4879)
  • The dropdown controls continue to work correctly if an item has been removed from the Toolbar using the PropertyBuilder.  (4920)    Released: 2008-08-28
  • This release corrects an issue introduced with .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1. No other corrections or enhancements are added with this release, and upgrading is unnecessary unless using on a workstation with SP1.    Released: 2007-09-17
Product fixes in this release:
  • Setting the Font property of the HtmlBox control at design time, properly causes the correct font to be used when the page is loaded.  (3147)
  • Setting the Toolbar.Visible property to false no longer throws a client-side exception in ASP.NET 2.0.  (4168)
  • Corrected issues with ToolBarButtonClick event not being fired if using PostBack and if the HtmlBox was in a UserControl.  (4179)
  • Corrected element focus issues when using multiple HtmlBox controls on a page.  (4207)
  • Corrected inconsistent table editing within IE and Firefox.  (4237)
  • Improved compatibility and interoperability of HtmlBox when used together with ASP.NET AJAX and when placed within an UpdatePanel control.  (4250)
  • Fixed isses causing the line break mode to revert when switching between Design and Html modes.  (4255)
  • Fixed issue with client script errors being thrown when combined with MasterPages and LinkButtons.  (4266)
  • Fixed obfuscation issues that prevented custom buttons from being identified in the ToolBarButton Click event.  (4306)
  • Corrected issues preventing image properties from being set within an HtmlBox.  (4336)
  • Setting Text property of HtmlBox now properly presets the control's initial text and no longer throws a runtime exception.  (4452)    Released: 2006-11-08
Product fixes in this release:
  • Corrected several font rendering problems when the default font or size was set  (3147)
  • Resolved issues preventing Cut/Copy/Paste buttons from correctly executing  (3778)
  • Corrected problem with setting custom font sizes  (3781)
  • Fixed IE7 compatibility issues  (4150)    Released: 2006-06-09
Product fixes in this release:
  • Fixed design-time issue with control sizing  (3874)
  • Fixed issue with stripping linefeeds from HTML source  (3902)
  • Corrected design-time exception when accessing Property Builder under trial  (3923)    Released: 2006-05-22
Product fixes in this release:
  • Removed dependency on Dart.PowerWEB.LiveControls assembly
  • Resolved issue with setting height to percentage  (3568)
  • Fixed problem setting Text property in a callback with unescaped characters  (3664)
  • Resolved compatibility issue with VS2005 Validators  (3672)
  • Fixed encoding issue with < and > characters in PostBack   (3679)
  • Resolved various issues in sample projects  (3716, 3718)    Released: 2006-02-03
  • This release provides the following upgrades and improvements:

    • Multiple browser compatibility and stability enhancements
    • Several miscellaneous fixes and improvements
    • Established interoperability with LiveControls v1.4.1
Product fixes in this release:
  • Media now properly being removed from rendered view when deleted  (3540)
  • TextChanged event fires correctly under both callback and postback conditions  (3565)
  • UrlType.DocumentRelative no longer causing improper Url definitions  (3567)
  • Several Firefox rendering issues resolved  (3594, 3627)
  • TextBox no longer throws exception when Sessions are disabled  (3616)    Released: 2005-10-31
  • This release provides the following upgrades and improvements:

    • PowerWEB TextBox is now Ajax-enabled and fully interoperable with PowerWEB LiveControls
    • Server-side events can be triggered through Callbacks or PostBacks
    • Custom buttons can issue client-only functions, Callbacks or PostBacks
    • LiveControls Callbacks can be used to modify or read TextBox contents and properties
    • TextBox buttons can be configured to interact and update LiveControls
    • Increased browser parity for Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox
    • Established DotNetNuke compatibility to versions v3.0.1.3, and 3.1.x
    • Established compatibility with .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005
    • Provides an option to use embedded image and client script resources or external file references
Product fixes in this release:
  • Dart.PowerWEB.TextBox now ships with dependency Dart.PowerWEB.LiveControls.dll
  • Several problems fixed with multiple controls on a form  (2736, 2895, 3305)
  • Print button now prints the contents of the control, not the entire page  (2745)
  • Toolbar button visibility state is now maintained  (2777)
  • RapidSpell integration now functioning in Firefox  (2866)
  • Fixed problem with control within a Repeater  (2871)
  • Style and formatting dropdowns now work when text is not selected  (2903)
  • Dragging toolbar buttons is now disabled  (2922)
  • Fixed problem with deleting images  (3006)
  • Fixed problem encoding £ character  (3039)
  • Resolved problem with TextBox control interfering with Validation  (3040)
  • Fixed Upload file dialog  (3134)
  • Fixed rendering problem in XHTML/Transitional mode  (3148)
  • Setting control to read-only now works the same in IE and Mozilla  (3186)
  • Popup menus are now located properly when control is a child control or in IFRAME  (3189, 3227)
  • Cut/Copy/Paste buttons now work in Mozilla browsers with proper security settings  (3332)
  • Resolved issues using double-click to select text in IE  (3460)
  • Control now compatible with Visual Studio 2005  (RC1)    Released: 2005-04-12
  • An "InsertFile" button has been added that allows users to insert text or html content at the cursor position. Also, the "Ordered List" button has been enhanced to provide indented listings as follows:

    1. abc
      1. def
        1. hij
          1. klm

    In addition:

    • compatibility with Server 2003 directory structure established
    • style options are now applied to <OL>, so that bullet style matches lines of text
    • scripting files are improved to provide better configuration and installation information
    • numerous minor usage and compatibility issues addressed
Product fixes in this release:
  • Eliminated message-box warning about secure and non-secure items on the page  (2714)
  • Improved HtmlBox operation on user controls  (2717)
  • Re-engineered Upload Dialogs to correctly operate on all OS's  (2738)
  • Popups no longer open to "about:blank"  (2739)
  • Improve Upload Dialog handling of long filenames  (2742)
  • Improve formatting of condensed layout  (2750)
  • Improve Insert Table function  (2755)
  • Fixed infinite loop during unique file creation  (2757)
  • Correctly link images  (2801)
  • Fixed problem with setting Position during OnLoad()  (2816)
  • Fixed Euro character being created from AC  (2852)
  • Added LastIndexOf(ToolbarItemType) to HtmlBox.Toolbar.Items  (2870)
  • HtmlBox ID not persisting between postbacks  (2973)
  • Enhanced OrderedList with 1.a.i.1 formatting  (3000)
  • Style applied to OrderList now affects numbers/alphas also  (3001)
  • InsertFile button added to insert text  (3002)
  • Erroneous NullException generated by HtmlBox1.Toolbar.Items.Clear() fixed  (3026)
  • Use of default style works better now  (3031)
  • Tabstrip is now properly disabled when the HtmlBox is disabled  (3032)
  • Toolbar is now properly disabled when the HtmlBox is disabled  (3033)
  • Upload Event added to notify when a file is uploaded by user  (3056)    Released: 2004-07-02
  • The current release of PowerWeb TextBox for ASP.NET enhances compatibility with Mozilla-based browsers and adds a few requested features.  Among the feature set is a new word count button and the ability to edit hex values in color pickers. Among the technical problems addressed include better support for using the HtmlBox in a UserControl and an update to reflect changes in RapidSpell Web.
Product fixes in this release:
  • Fixed a problem with Table inserting in certain situations  (2250)
  • Fixed a problem where the HtmlBox could not load content with a Form tag  (2260)
  • Dynamically created HtmlBox will now properly have text on postback  (2420)
  • Fixed a problem with having an extra character when returning a page with Mozilla  (2531)
  • Now properly detect Mozilla beta versions  (2534)
  • Fixed a problem with setting HtmlBox.Visible to false in designer and getting an error  (2542)
  • Added more localization strings  (2546)
  • HtmlBox can now be properly used on a UserControl  (2551)
  • "localhost" no longer gets prepended in certain circumstances  (2562)
  • Added a button to show word count  (2569)
  • ReadOnly property now works correctly  (2572, 2618)
  • Fixed a problem where HtmlBox does not have text when using Smart Navigation  (2580)
  • Fixed a problem when using two HtmlBox controls as a RequiredFieldValidator control  (2621)
  • Onload event now properly raised when using Mozilla  (2629)
  • InsertBookmark button now always places bookmark in the correct location  (2630)
  • Fixed a problem where text was empty if EnableViewState was false  (2645)
  • Added the ability to specify custom hex codes in color picker dialogs  (2673)    Released: 2004-03-26
  • What’s New in Version 2.0?

    • Support for Netscape 7.1+ and Mozilla 1.3.
    • Support for both Windows and Macintosh browsers.
    • Built-in localization for French, Spanish, and German.
    • Ability to add custom languages using XML.
    • Support for XHTML.
    • Support for absolute positioning, including the ability to bring objects forward or backward.
    • The ability to insert and configure Flash movies.
    • Support for Windows Media files.
    • The ability to Zoom-in and Zoom-out.
    • Improved Image support with greater configuration options.
    • The ability to paste into the control and strip HTML tags.
    • The ability to remove all formatting tags when pasting from Microsoft Word.
Product fixes in this release:
  • Added LocalizationType enumeration with Custom, English, French, Spanish, German
  • Added ToolbarItemType.TogglePositioning
  • Added ToolbarItemType.BringForward
  • Added ToolbarItemType.SendBackward
  • Added ToolbarItemType.InsertFlash
  • Added ToolbarItemType.InsertWindowsMedia
  • Added ToolbarItemType.Zoom
  • Added ToolbarItemType.CleanWord
  • Fixed a problem where a posted page containing a querystring would return the querystring
  • Added BrowserType enumeration with CompatibleIE, CompatibleMozilla,DownlevelIE, DownlevelMozilla, Other
  • Added ToolbarItemType.PasteHtml
  • Added support for further image configuration capabilities
  • Added HtmlBox.TextXhtml
  • Added support for XHTML
  • Added support for Flash
  • Added support for Windows Media
  • Added support for custom localization using XML
  • Added support for Netscape 7.1+ and Mozilla 1.3+ on both Windows and Mac
  • Added support for localization in French, German, and Spanish
  • Added support for Absolute Positioning
  • Added support for Paste to HTML
  • Added support for Clean Word Formatting
  • Added HtmlBox.DetectedBrowserType
  • Added HtmlBox.LocalizationType
  • Added HtmlBox.LocalizationFile
  • Added support for Zoom
  • Fixed a problem where pre-loaded text in the HtmlBox control was missing the 3rd line  (2412)
  • Fixed Virtual Path bug  (2422)
  • OpenFile dialogs button and InsertImage dialog button no longer have incorrect text  (2454)    Released: 2004-02-17
  • In the latest release of PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET, more toolbar buttons are enabled by default, such as Upload and Insert Table. Don’t forget that you can customize the toolbars programmatically or using the Property Builder. A Normal style has been added to the Style list and finally, several minor bugs have been addressed in this release
Product fixes in this release:
  • Popup coordinates are no longer sometimes incorrect when a window is scrolled.  (2204)
  • Fixed an issue with improper JavaScript encoding when more than one control is on a form in ASP.NET 1.1.  (2206)
  • Fixed a Property Builder problem when using more than one control on a form.  (2251)
  • Added Normal mode for font formatting list.  (2256)
  • Fixed a problem where the HtmlBox overrides the onsubmit handler.  (2268)
  • Fixed an HtmlBox postback problem with link button.  (2366)
  • Enabled more toolbar items by default.  (2389)
  • Fixed TextWindow attribute bug.  (2404)
  • Fixed an HTML view to Design view switch JavaScript error.  (2405)    Released: 2003-12-23
  • This is a minor point release addressing error handling problems when using the Directory Browser from the Property Builder in IIS6 and a problem where popup cooridinates were sometimes incorrect when the window was scrolled
Product fixes in this release:
  • Added better error handling to account for IIS6
  • Popup cooridinates were sometimes incorrect when window was scrolled.  (2204)    Released: 2003-12-05
  • This release adds several new features to the product. The primary addition is the added integration with PowerTCP Mail for .NET for those building Web Mail application. The HtmlBox control now has an UploadFile button, plus enhanced upload support for adding attachments to an email message. A sample of a Web Mail application can be seen at demonstrating both products working together. Documentation is also now available demonstrating the use of PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET with third party spell checkers and building/deploying applications with just notepad and a remote server. Other changes include several bug fixes for the upload mechanism and image insertion, plus the addition of several more design-time editors to assist with interactively changing property values
Product fixes in this release:
  • Made a number of esthetic adjustments to Upload dialog.  (2064)
  • Adjusted Menu operation when set using the Property Builder.  (2071)
  • Adjusted the operation of DropDown.  (2072)
  • Upload MaxFileSize now works correctly.  (2073)
  • AllowDownwardBrowsing will no longer reset when using the Property Builder.  (2074)
  • When ProgressBar.Display is true, designer now displays correctly.  (2079)
  • Border now works correctly when skin is applied.  (2091)
  • Right-click menus now properly close when focus changes.  (2097)
  • Added HtmlBox.Reset to reset the control to original settings.  (2103)
  • Upload screen no longer blank when used with 2 HtmlBox controls on the same Web Form.  (2110)
  • Upload filter now properly accepts custom filters.  (2125)
  • Added an Editor for Dialog.Strings.  (2127)
  • ColorManager now properly recreated on reset.  (2129)
  • New buttons no longer occassionaly disappear when added from the Property Builder.  (2135)
  • Added an Editor for ToolbarDropDownItem.  (2139)
  • Added an Editor for HtmlBoxMenuItem.  (2139)
  • Added UseRelativePath property to HtmlBoxUpload.  (2169)
  • Right clicking a pop-up no longer causes an error.  (2177)
  • Added an Attach button.  (2178)
  • Uploaded image now becomes active after upload.  (2179)
  • DropDownItems no longer create duplicate IDs when used from the Property Builder.  (2195)