VC++ Samples

This page contains a list of all Visual C++ samples included with a PowerTCP product line installation. Find the application you are interested in from the list below, then click the product link next to the application to download a 30-day trial which includes the source code to the application.

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VT Applications
Emulation for ActiveX
VT Emulator A fully functional VT320 Emulator can be enhanced and deployed ROYALTY-FREE!

FTP Applications
FTP for ActiveX
ListView Client Demonstrates a fully-functional FTP Client application. Now includes proxy support.
GetSite Demo Uses the Mget method to retrieve an entire directory tree.
GetUrl Demo Demonstrates use of the Get method to retrieve a file given only the URL to that file.
PutSite Demo Uses the MPut method to store an entire directory tree.

Email Applications
Mail for ActiveX
IMAP Client Demonstrates a fully-featured IMAP4 Client.
Message Chunker Uses the SMTP Control and the Message Object to show how to break a large message into several smaller chunks that the receiver can later reassemble back into a single large message.
POP Client Demonstrates many aspects needed to create a simple message client program using the Message Object and the POP Control.
Quick Send Demo A simple version of the SmtpClient application. Uses the QuickSend method to show how to quickly send a message with very little coding.
SMTP Client Demonstrates how to build and send a message using the Message Object and SMTP Control.

Server Applications
Server for ActiveX
Echo Server Uses the Server and Service Controls to create a server which echoes back received data.
FTP Server Uses the FtpServer and Service Controls to implement an FTP Server Service.
Simple Service Demo Demonstrates how to use PowerTCP to create a simple Windows NT service.

SNMP Applications
PowerSNMP for ActiveX
Mib Viewer Uses the MIB Object to parse a MIB file and browse the contents in human readable form.
SNMP Agent Uses the SNMP Agent Control to build a simple agent that reports canned stats. Includes service support (NT only).
SNMP Explorer Uses the SNMP Manager and Treeview Control to create an Explorer-like view of available SNMP Agents. Incorporates the MIB Object.
SNMP Manager Uses the SNMP Manager Control to build a simple manager. Supports queries for basic variables, either by discovery or specific address. Also shows how to set values.
Variable Checker Uses the SNMP Manager Control to construct a request from a list of available MIBs and view the response.

SSL/Security Applications
SSL for ActiveX
Secure Client Uses the SecureTcp Control to make SSL connections to any secure TCP port.
Secure Echo Server Demonstrates a simple secure Echo server.
Secure FTP Client Demonstrates a simple secure FTP client.
Secure FTP Server Uses the SecureFtpServer Control to demonstrate a simple Secure FTP server.
Secure POP Client Demonstrates a simple SSL POP mail client that can be used with any POP server that supports secure communications.

Telnet Applications
Telnet for ActiveX
Console Telnet Client Interactive console application illustrates the use of Telnet, rexec, rsh, and rlogin.
AutoLogin Demo Demonstrates how to use PowerTCP Telnet for ActiveX to create a scripted Telnet session.
Telnet Client Interactive application illustrates the use of Telnet, rexec, rsh, and rlogin.

HTTP Client Applications
Web Enterprise for ActiveX
Web for ActiveX
Page Fetch Demonstrates a simple HTTP application that fetches a web page.
Post Demo Demonstrates how to post information to a web site. Useful for automated form submission.

HTTP Server Applications
WebServer for ActiveX
Web Server Demonstrates secure web server that can be configured to listen on any port.

Network Applications/Network Utilities
Winsock for ActiveX
Dart Chat Uses the UDP Control and multicast datagrams to join chat sessions.
DNS Client Uses the DNS Control to resolve any host name to an address (type A records), any address to its hots name (type PTR records), any email address to its host name and address (type MX records).
Ping Client Uses the Ping Control to ping any host.
RAS Client Uses the RAS Control to demonstrate dial-up operation.
TCP Blaster Uses the Daemon and TCP Controls to demonstrate high-throughput operation.
TCP Client Uses the TCP Controls to build an interactive on-line application for time, character builder, smtp, echo, etc.
UDP Client Uses the UDP Control in an interactive "chat" application.
Web Server Uses the Daemon and dynamic TCP Controls to build a simple multi-threaded VB application that serves up web pages.

Encryption Applications
Zip Compression for ActiveX
AES Encryption Demo Demonstrates AES encryption/decryption functionality.

Compression Applications
Zip Compression for ActiveX
Dzip Console Application Demonstrates a command line file compressor/decompressor.
File Search Allows user to search for files using wildcards, if files are found they are given the option to zip them.
Unzipper Opens a Zip file and allows the user to extract it.
Simple Zipper A simple application to create compressed files.
Simple Unzipper A simple application to unzip compressed files.