FoxPro Samples

This page contains a list of all FoxPro samples included with a PowerTCP product line installation. Find the application you are interested in from the list below, then click the product link next to the application to download a 30-day trial which includes the source code to the application.


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Sample Name Sample Description Product
FTP Applications
ListView Client Demonstrates a fully-functional FTP Client application. Now includes proxy support. FTP for ActiveX
Email Applications
SMTP Client Demonstrates how to build and send a message using the Message Object and SMTP Control. Mail for ActiveX
Network Applications/Network Utilities
DNS Client Uses the DNS Control to resolve any host name to an address (type A records), any address to its host name (type PTR records), any email address to its host name and address (type MX records). Winsock for ActiveX
Ping Client Uses the Ping Control to ping any host. Winsock for ActiveX