MS Office Samples

This page contains a list of all MS Office samples included with a PowerTCP product line installation. Find the application you are interested in from the list below, then click the product link next to the application to download a 30-day trial which includes the source code to the application.

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Sample Name Sample Description Product
FTP Applications
FTP Import Allows users to enter file URL into a dialog. Provided that the file is the correct format it will be downloaded and imported into the database. FTP for ActiveX
Email Applications
DB POP Uses the Database capabilities of VB to create a database and populate it with all messages that currently reside in a designated POP3 account. Mail for ActiveX
Merge Mail From a database of members of a sales force, determine the monthly sales of each member and then email each member a letter reflecting their performance. Mail for ActiveX
SNMP Applications
Trap Catcher Service that listens for and logs traps. PowerSNMP for ActiveX