Add secure Telnet, rsh, rexec and rlogin connectivity to any smart device.
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PowerTCP Telnet for .NET CF Features

PowerTCP Telnet for .NET CF leverages a .NET 2.0 re-design, providing the most advanced Internet Communications components available for handheld smart devices.
  • Improved Asynchronous Support uses fewer resources, is more flexible, and produces code that is easier to maintain
  • Improved Use of .NET 2.0 Features including generics, IPv6, and improved X509 certificate support
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Security is now core to all 4.x products
  • Small Footprint around 100K

Looking for VT Emulation?

Easy To Use

  • Auto-login and option negotiation capabilities minimize coding
  • Blocking reads specifically designed for scripting applications
  • Inherent multi-threading support for user-interactive applications
  • Logging event for debugging and session logging


Samples and Documentation

  • Many sample projects for C#, VB.NET
  • Comprehensive MS Help 2.0 integrated documentation
  • Stand-alone and online documentation also provided
  • Integrates with Visual Studio 2005, 2008