TCP, UDP, Daemon, DNS, Ping and RAS controls for Internet application development.
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Add Winsock Functionality to your Visual Basic Application 

PowerTCP Winsock for ActiveX includes TCP, UDP, Daemon, DNS and Ping controls for Visual Basic (VB6) and other COM supported environments such as VC++, Delphi and PowerBuilder. PowerTCP provides the building blocks you need for basic or complex Internet application development. Looking for secure TCP? Check out PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX.

Consulting and Custom Development

From custom protocols to complete client-server solutions, let our experienced staff help with your TCP/IP project. Here are some of the solutions we have delivered.

  • TCP control can be used to implement standard upper-layer protocols (such as WHOIS and Time), as well as any custom protocols you want to develop.
  • UDP control can likewise be used to implement standard upper-layer protocols (such as Network Time Protocol), as well as custom protocols that use datagram-level communications.
  • Daemon control accepts incoming connections, then TCP controls can be created on new threads, implementing custom multi-threaded server applications.
  • DNS control is implemented directly (does not use Winsock services), so you can do address look-ups, reverse address look-ups, and mail address look-ups (from MX records).
  • Ping control checks if a host is reachable.
  • Supports COM+ Component Services.
  • Can be used in a multi-threaded environment.
  • Includes a royalty-free license.
  • Wrapper classes included for convenient integration into Visual C++.
  • Use in COM-supported environments like Visual Basic (VB6), VC++, Microsoft Office VBA (Word, Excel, etc), Delphi, PowerBuilder and more.